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      Add10#,Jinguixi Road,Hudai   Industrial Park,Binhu Area,
        Wuxi City,Jiangsu Province
      ContactZhifeng Zhang

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       product  standard  number
       Seamless steel tubes for liquid service GB/T8163 10、20
        Seamless steel tubes for Low and Medium Pressure Boiler GB3087 10、20
       Seamless steel tubes for high pressure boiler GB5310 20G、25MnG、15MoG、15Gr2MoG、12Gr2MoG、12Gr1MoVG
       Seamless steel tubes for chemical equipment fertilizer GB6479 10、20、16Mn
       Seamless steel tubes for cracking GB9948 10、20、12GrMo、15CrMo
       High temperature Seamless carbon steel pipe ASTMA106/ASMESA106 A106A、A106B、A106C
       Seamless cold drawing carbon steel tube for Heat exchanger and condenser ASTMA179/A179M/ASME SA-179/SA-179M SA179
       Boiler, superheater and heat exchanger seamless tube ASTMA213/A213M/ASME SA-213/SA-213M SA-213T11、SA-213T12、SA-213T22
       Non plating coating and hot dipping calvanizing welded and seamless pipe ASTMA53/A53M/ASME SA-53/SA-53M A53A、A53B
       Seamless medium- carbon steel boiler and superheater tube ASTMA210/A210M/ASME SA-210/SA-210M SA210A1、SA210C
       High pressure seamless carbon steel boiler tube ASTMA192/A192M/ASME SA-192/SA-192M SA192
       Line pipe API SPEC 5L ----